CMS Enabement for Graph-driven content

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CMS Enabement for Graph-driven content

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Fiber internet has always had one major problem - making that last 100-foor connection to the home, else many of us would have had it sooner (it might be the year 2050 for some of us located in really remote places).

I liken Graph-enabled CMS's/cCMS's in a similar way. Several of them have gone as far to add taxonomy support either in an authoring CMS or a deliver CMS (or both if an all-in-one platform). RWS for example, integrated PoolParty into their authoring cCMS and claims to now have a graph database under the hood as well, but it remains to be seen if that graph DB is only what PoolParty provides or a robust graph DB from the likes of a provider such as MarkLogic or Neo4J. ZoomIn and similar delivery CMS's also added taxonomy support for content search, retrieval, and delivery, including faceted search. AEM, and all-in-one, does it on both ends if my understanding is correct. I am sure there are many more in each of these classes of CMS.

More of these providers need to integrate support with taxonomy tools and taxonomies, at a minimum, both on the content authoring/tagging end, and on the content delivery/retrieval end.

The open switch is getting these CMS providers to support graphs.

On the content creation end these will enable insights and assist with content models, gaps, overlaps, reuse and much more. On the delivery end the applications are far more impactful for customers - dynamic and automatic assembly of content objects. Will we be able to feed these delivery systems something like OWL graphs to enable many delivery side, user-facing delivery applications easily, or are we going to have to sneaker-net it and construct a Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) from a graph and feed the BOM (such as a DITAMap) to the CMS on which to operate? The latter would seem to be a bit archaic in my mind; I'd prefer the CMS's integrates with a native graph databases.

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Re: CMS Enabement for Graph-driven content

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Hi Michael

I'm working with a cloud-based document management company to connect granular business concepts to content (as faceted metadata) and then connect to content to a business vocabulary graph.

Stay tuned, and thanks for having me in the group.

John O'
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